Dot Net Nuke Platform Edition

DNN  (Dot Net Nuke is  a powerful open sourced Content Management System based on the .NET technology stack.  Over 750,000 businesses and organisations throughout the world have developed websites powered by the DNN Platform.  Dot Net Nuke makes it easy to develop and manage dynamic websites.

The majority of DotNetNuke development can be done from with your web browser, without the need for any specific development packages or tools.. Something that contributes largely to the populartity of Dot Net Nuke is its ease of use for marketers and business professionals alike.

Dot Net Nuke offers two commercial alternatives to its open source CMS that feature increased functionality and dedicated technical support. The professional edition known as Evoq Content, and the enterprise edition known as Evoq Content: Enterprise.

You can perform nearly all of your DotNetNuke site building with a web browser and do not require any special development tools. To learn more and see a step-by-step guide to using DotNetNuke, please search DotNetNuke Guide at BestHostingSearch.

What technology is DNN based on?

DotNetNuke is written in C#, however it was originally written in The open source CMS utilises the Microsoft technology stack, and is best hosted on a Windows server or in the cloud.

Is there a strong community behind DNN?

At present, there are over 1 million registered members on There is a large amount of support from a very active members comminty.  The open-source project is on GitHub, so developers can participate in it’s on going development.

Is DNN easily extendable?

Yes, the standard functionality of DNN can be expanded by utilising third-party modules that have either been developed by 3rd party providers or from the module store.  The basic functionality that DNN provides doesnt differ much from other open source alternatives and includes user administration, security features and general content management.  Modules will need to be utilised for  very specific deployments.

How does DNN compare to WordPress, Drupal and other similar open source options?

DNN doesn’t compare favorably to its open source rivals, this is largely down to it’s lack of free plugins and themes.  Another element of DNN that lets it down is its irregular updates, often taking up to one year to get updated.


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